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     An exceptionally comprehensive cleaning job was provided. The service supplier kept me informed and presented a reasonable quote. Highly recommendable!
D. Carter27/11/2023
     Such great fortune to have a highly competent cleaner do a wonderful deep clean in a very timely fashion!
Ron H.13/11/2023
     We're grateful for the level of attention the cleaner gives to what we ask of her, always leaving us content after her visits.
     Stepping into my freshly cleaned kitchen is a dream come true all because of the phenomenal work put in by the personnel from Carpet Cleaner Colney Hatch. Every area looks its best and they really listened well during our conversations about what needed done.
Alicia Smith01/03/2023
     Thanks to Colney Hatch Carpet Cleaning, I've now got a clean carpet, and the team seemingly did it with ease. Very thankful.
G. Broslin19/05/2020
     I am unlikely to use any other cleaning companies after the amazing job that the cleaners from Colney Hatch Cleaning Services did on my flat. They are very good at what they do.
Shana D.20/09/2019
      Carpet Cleaner Colney Hatch helped me to get my house into shape with their carpet cleaning service. The difference that cleaner carpets made to my home was shocking, as was the dirt that came off them! I can't imagine not having my carpets cleaned now!
Eloise T.14/10/2015
     I needed my workplace and office cleaned after some decorating work. I was recommended a local cleaning company who charged reasonable costs and had a good reputation for getting the job done with no hassle. I used Colney Hatch Cleaning Services and they made a lovely job of the office cleaning. In fact, I am going to hire them more frequently from now on as the cost was low and the service was exceptional. The service was really good and the company well organized.
Erica Morris14/07/2015
     I am very picky when it comes to the cleanliness of my home, so not many cleaning companies can make the cut on my list. ColneyHatchCarpetCleaners was different though. From the moment I got on the phone with them till they left my house after cleaning it, I was delighted with their service and professionalism. I can guarantee that I will not be using another cleaning company after I have had them clean my home!
Emily R.18/02/2015
     Once our children fled the nest, it was just my wife and I left banging around in our big old house. So when we made that difficult decision to downsize to a smaller apartment, we needed a cleaning company to give our old home a thorough clean, readying the place for property viewings. We were so impressed by the high level of attention to detail delivered by ColneyHatchCarpetCleaners, that we've now hired their services on a regular basis for our new home. After years of doing all the hard work, we think we are now entitled to a rest!
Brandon Richards15/01/2015
     It's nice to be able to leave a good review for a company that actually done a really good job for me. Especially a cleaning company because so often in the past I have been let down with the standard of cleaning I have received. However, ColneyHatchCarpetCleaners delivered very good cleaners who for one thing turned up on time and also did a job which was practically faultless. I also find this to be a trustworthy company which is important to me again because of past experiences with other bad companies. So many thanks to the cleaners and the company itself for doing such as good job.
Kate G.13/08/2014
     I wanted my carpets cleaned in my office I managed. They had a lot of wear with customers but the budget wouldn't stretch to new ones so the only option was to have them cleaned. I called ColneyHatchCarpetCleaners and discussed my requirements; they gave me a price which was reasonable. The office was friendly and arranged a general clean when the office was closed which was at the weekend. This wasn't a problem to the staff which was great for me. I was really pleased with the end result; the carpets looked fantastic almost like new when the cleaners had done.
Bari M.24/07/2014
     My tenancy ran out last year and even though I cleaned the property thoroughly, my landlord charged me a cleaning fee because I couldn't get all the mould out of the sealant in the shower. I thought this was ridiculous because it was impossible for me to clean it but somehow the landlord's cleaners got it out. The next time I left a property I called ColneyHatchCarpetCleaners and they did a fantastic job that very day, bringing with them cleaning products I hadn't even heard of, and my deposit was returned to me in full. It was well worth the investment and they did everything very quickly.
     Best cleaning service I've tried by a long shot. It's only been two months now since I first hired them, but the difference they've made has been noticed by everyone who's visited the home. So if you're thinking of hiring in some professional help and you want to hire someone who can really make a difference, then the best people I've found are certainly ColneyHatchCarpetCleaners. Of all the different cleaning services that I've seen, they're the ones who have made the biggest difference to me and my home, so I would suggest that you give them a call.
Christopher Allen04/06/2014
     We recently decorated our lounge and it looks great. The only thing that was letting it down was that my sofa, which is over 10 years old now, was looking a little worse for wear. My settee is not broken or damaged in anyway, it was just a bit stained and grubby after long years of use and unfortunately the cushions were not removable to wash them in the washing machine. I tried ColneyHatchCarpetCleaners's upholstery cleaners and I could not believe the difference, it looks brand new and now I do not have to fork out for a replacement, thanks so much.